Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Steps

This week I started to lay the ground work for a sound installation in Detroit. I am, by nature, a planner, and so I already know all of the pieces I will need to put it all together. I had a meeting with Nick Tobier, who does a lot of work and a lot of good in Detroit. Together, we brainstormed my approach to making this project a reality, and what it would take to document a community with the utmost respect and legitimacy. Following that I researched arts initiatives in Detroit and determined what I could possibly trade to community members in exchange for their stories and memories. I spent a few hours this week emailing people that are involved in different art projects in Detroit, as well as professors and colleagues that may be able to help in my search for a venue. Lastly, I transcribed around 20 interviews from my sound piece about childhood bedrooms, paying attention to the words and imagery over the sound quality. I created 3 pen drawings with text to illustrate the lines that stood out to me the most.

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