Friday, September 21, 2012

A Hopeful Lag

This month, according to my religion, it is customary to be honest in your wrongdoings. So, in the spirit of the season, I have to admit that my productivity was less than ideal this week. That is not to say I accomplished nothing, but I know I am capable of more. It has been a bit frustrating in these first few weeks, as I am so excited to really begin work on my installation, but logistics unfortunately take longer than I would like to come together. What I did do this week, was spend a good chuck of time at the library. I tend to lose track, but I want to say about two hours went by. I gathered several books and journals on housing initiatives in Detroit, Detroit community statistics, as well as installation art history, and site specific work. My work always feels more legitimate and, in a way, personal, when I am able to ground in within the framework of history or the context of some larger and greater thing. Naturally I spent some time reading those finds as well. I spent several hours (maybe 5?) messing around with the two interviews I had become drawn to last week. I did take the time to begin mapping out some long term goals for myself as well. I also went back to look at my past work, just to see if there was anything I wanted to revisit or anything I didn't realize I was already revisiting. Finally, I booked my first Detroit adventure for next Friday, and I could not be more thrilled with the project I have the honor of being a part of with Professor Tobier, Charlie Michaels, and graduate student Roilando Palaccio. My participation will give me fantastic insight, experience, and hopefully open the door to finding the material I need for my installation.

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