Friday, September 28, 2012

Making Moves

Next Week: I will revisit my friend for an interview in a more comfortable setting. I will conduct another interview as well. I will visit Detroit and meet with people, and hopefully find a niche. I will try to find resolution in my sound piece and explore the possibility of re-interviewing those people again (if I can track them down). I will edit my tape into three different ways of telling the same story. I will do good on all of these things. Feels nice to write it.

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  1. Eliana,
    I love that idea about having the wind on your side when interviewing. It makes those honest, vivid suprising moments one captures on tape all the more sweet, because, well, the wind is fickle. But come to mention it, I think there's an interesting sailing analogy somewhere in here (not that I'm a sailor). Something about being able to respond to the winds, and how tacking (isn't that what it's called?) means moving forward but not directly.
    Next blog, make sure to post some sound, no matter how dissatisfied you are! The rhythm of sharing your work in progress is so important for this process.
    Look forward to talking more this week --