Friday, September 28, 2012


This week I did a lot of learning and brainstorming. I researched various artists, looked through books and journals, and listened to sound. I tried to pinpoint how to approach my three directions for our next assignment, and found it difficult since I've been thinking in such large and final terms. After a meeting with Professor Rowden, and some careful consideration began to sketch out what I thought might be three ways to approach my medium and three ways to present a story. Like I said last post, I needed some raw material. I originally intended on asking a stranger, but after lunch with an old friend whose father just passed away over the summer, I realized she had some important stories to tell. I am not totally satisfied with the initial interview I had with her, so I am going to her house later today to see if she will be a bit more comfortable opening up. I worked on my sound piece from last week, but admittedly it is still quite unresolved. Most importantly, I began to understand what it is that intrigues me about the work I am doing, and explore what will make the process most meaningful for me.

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