Friday, February 8, 2013

The Fun Part.

This week I finally got to test the sound in my first finished form, and begin the "fun part", which for me is carving the texture into the clay. I had an amazing chat with Stephanie and Jim, and walked away with a million new things to think about. The thought that made the most immediate change to my process was that mimicking the texture of the sound with the texture of the sculpture doesn't leave much to the imagination, and doesn't challenge the viewer. As Jim said, "the sound is already LITERALLY coming out of the sculpture. THEY'RE CONNECTED!" So, I have been incorporating some unexpected elements in the design of the first sculpture in order to allow the viewer to make various associations between the sculpture and the sound. For next week, I am recording a lot more, and getting the bulk of my 2nd sculpture completed. I am in the process of setting up times to record a violin, saxophone, and trumpet, and could not be more thrilled!

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