Friday, March 1, 2013


I spent time sketching and doing tests this week to make sure I had as many details worked out as I could before proceeding with my next two sculptures. The second one I started is not going to provide the right acoustics, so I made a plan for how to redo it. 

After recording a violinist this week, I could finally start to see the pieces of my project coming together. I had a huge epiphany about the structure of the sound piece that will drastically change the experience of the listener. Instead of letting the sound slowly fade from one type of rhythm to the next, I will let the tone sustain over a full passage through all three sculptures, and have it complicate with each  loop. This way, the listener will be able to detect the subtle differences in sound caused by the acoustics much more clearly. 

Next week is spring break and I'm planning on finishing the second two sculptures and a rough cut of the sound piece. Wish me luck! 

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