Friday, November 16, 2012


I regretfully forgot to take a picture before I left my studio yesterday, but should be able to add one sometime tomorrow. This week was all about the details. I went on the hunt for all sorts of wooden objects that could be cut up into pieces I'd need to make my sculpture come to life. The tips of tiny picket fences and craft sticks become shingles, and balsa wood rectangles cut to size are window shades and siding accents. I got to work, putting little details into my sculpture, and getting it ready to be primed and painted in the very near future. I ran into some trouble with gluing things down, so I spent some time seeking alternative methods to attaching some of the little details. I've learned that these details make a huge difference, and I feel excited about my work again. I was having a bit of a rough week due to some personal things I am working through and some of the terrifying things happening in the world right now. I am starting to discover that sometimes channeling that emotion into my work instead of running away from it, can often be the best thing for me. For next week, I plan to have this sculpture finished, and hopefully set a time to meet with my 2nd family. My third family, I plan to interview in Dallas over Thanksgiving weekend. It is just a father and daughter that live together, so I think that will be an interesting addition to the "neighborhood". Thinking farther down the line to December reviews, I would like to have one sculpture and sound piece totally finished, and another sculpture and two sound pieces in progress.

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