Friday, October 19, 2012

First Steps, Take Two

Since I changed my idea a great deal this week, it kind of felt like starting over from scratch. I soon realized; however, that what I had accomplished prior to this week was essential in me coming to this new idea. What I really spent this week doing was fleshing out my new plan of action. I realized what I could let go of, and what was staying no matter what. Over the break I interviewed a fantastic couple, and learned about what went into their home, and what they have gotten out of it. They shared memories and advice, and I think I ended up with some really interesting clips. I spent the rest of the week looking for my next interviewees and editing up the sound. Naturally, I also spent time rewriting my entire proposal to suit this new idea. Below are a couple of my favorite (raw) clips from John & Melissa's interview.

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